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EgSA devises four-year programme to train astronauts

The agency is also preparing to launch an educational learning platform for space technology.

The Egyptian Space Agency (EgSA) has come up with a four-year programme to train Egyptian astronauts. The plan for the programme has been submitted and is awaiting approval.

The announcement came in the first of a series of meetings organised by Egypt’s Technology Innovation Commercialization Office (TICO).

EgSA’s CEO Mohamed El-Koosy said that Egypt currently has five satellites in different orbits in space.

He also announced the agency’s preparation of an educational learning platform for space technology, which is scheduled to be launched in April. The platform includes 17 educational programmes that serve as an introduction to space science.

A series called Space Dream, which is the first Egyptian animation series to introduce children to space science, will also be shown on the platform.

Koosy explained that the Egyptian space programme is currently working on 23 projects that include building satellites, human capabilities and infrastructure.

The projects are part of the agency’s ten-year plan that started in 2020.

In the same meeting, Koosy and President of Suez Canal University, Ahmed Zaki, signed an executive agreement between the EgSA and the Engineering Faculty at the University to provide the faculty with an educational satellite model for applications, including telecommunications, remote sensing, and the space environment.