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EgSA signs cooperation protocol with Egypt’s Ministry of Education

After the signing of the protocol, five schools have attended workshops to train their science teachers about satellite education, and each school received an artificial lunar unit.

Egyptian Space Agency (EgSA) has signed a cooperation protocol with the Egyptian Ministry of Education for students at 100 technical schools to learn how to assemble artificial satellites.

The agreement was signed in the presence of the Executive President of EgSA, Dr Mohamed Al Qousi, and Deputy Minister of Education and Education, Dr Reda Hijazi. 

In his presentation, Dr Al Qousi outlined the production of three artificial moon units (Kan Sat) for high school students to learn about satellite systems and their tasks, as well as how to launch, operate, and receive data from satellites. He further added that the moon unit “Kan Sat” is a simulator of a real artificial moon integrated into the size and shape of a gas can.

By using simple components, Dr Al Qousi aims to ensure that students can easily understand energy systems, remote-sensing cameras, communication systems, among others, that comprise the satellite. 

As part of the cooperation protocol, Dr Mohamed Iraqi, the vice-president of EgSA, promised that EgSA will transfer the “Kan Sat” experience to schools in order to enhance their capacity. He noted that the Agency seeks further assistance from the Ministry of Education to extend the capacity development programme to all science and technology schools to bring space closer to the entire Egyptian populace.