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Egypt announces competition to select country’s first astronaut

Candidates will be selected based on global standards and the competition open to both men and women with the relevant qualifications.

The Egyptian Space Agency will host a competition in January 2020 to select the country’s first astronaut to send to space, according to a recent announcement by Mohamad El-Qousy, Chairman of the space agency.

The announcement was made during a visit from Parliament’s education and scientific research committee to the ESA office in the New Administrative Capital this week.

El-Qousi said the qualification programme will last for a period of six years and include two stages. The first stage will include the mandated psychological, physical and mental tests, while the second will train the selected candidates to live inside the International Space Station.

The competition is open to both men and women. Two candidates will be chosen for the final stage and one will eventually qualify to make the trip to space.

The dates for the mission have not been finalised.