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Egypt signs Arab Space Cooperation Group’s basic charter

UAE Space Agency also holds talks with Egyptian Space Agency to reinforce cooperation in scientific research, digital technology, data transfer and other space-related fields.

Egypt has signed the Arab Space Cooperation Group’s basic charter during a meeting of member states that took place at the seventh Arab Dialogue for Space Cooperation, that coincided with the 72nd International Astronautical Congress (IAC) in Dubai.

Dr Mohammed Al Qousi, CEO of the Egyptian Space Agency, signed the charter in the presence of Salem Butti Salem Al Qubaisi, Director-General of the UAE Space Agency, and a number of senior Agency officials.

On this occasion, Al Qubaisi said: “As one of the Arab Space Cooperation Group’s founding members, we welcome Egypt signing the basic charter today. The UAE Space Agency enjoys close relations with the Egyptian Space Agency both bilaterally and under the framework of the multi-nation alliance. This organisation plays a vital role in steering coordination, cooperation and collaboration among all member states and serves as a key platform for the future. The Arab Space Cooperation Group was launched by the UAE to accomplish an important mission: enhance space cooperation across the Arab World. By bringing together our strengths, shared knowledge, and experiences, we promote scientific research and peaceful space exploration to accelerate peace, progress and regional prosperity.” 

Dr Al Qousi added: “The Arab Space Cooperation Group has made significant positive developments in increasing cooperation between Arab countries in the field of space in a short time. The Egyptian Space Agency’s signing of this charter represents the depth and strength of the relationship between Egypt and the UAE, especially in the field of space.”

Arab Space Cooperation Group, which was launched by the UAE in 2019, is responsible for coordinating efforts among all 14 member states. It aims to encourage regional cooperation, harmonise regulations among all space authorities, adopt a unified position at regional and international forums, and steer future initiatives, projects, and exploratory missions.

The Arab Space Cooperation Group’s basic charter was adopted during the sixth meeting of member states in November 2019. It aims to enhance the exchange of knowledge, technical expertise, experiences, and information, as well as encourage the development of scientific research and innovation to develop advanced space capabilities. The charter encourages members without a space agency or space programme to develop them and cooperate with regional and international organisations.