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Egyptian Space Agency announces launch of MisrSat 2 satellite

Distinguished as the first mini satellite model of its kind in Africa, MisrSat-2 boasts a notable 35% of its components manufactured locally.
Photo credit: Xinhua news agency

In a testament to the deepening collaboration between China and Egypt, the MisrSat-2 satellite was successfully launched into space on Monday, December 4, from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in northwest China onboard the Long March-2 carrier rocket. The joint venture was confirmed in statements released separately by the Egyptian Space Agency (EgSA) and the China National Space Administration.

EgSA expressed that the launch of MisrSat-2 signifies the fruitful partnership between Egypt and China across various domains, particularly in technology and space. The event marks a pivotal stride in Egypt’s efforts to localise advanced industries, specifically in the satellite sector. The collaboration demonstrates the successful outcome of the $72m agreement signed in 2019 between Egypt and China to undertake the MisrSat-2 satellite project.

As part of the agreement, Chinese and Egyptian scientists and engineers collaborated on the assembly and testing of the satellite at an EgSA testing centre, which was also financed by China in Cairo. This landmark initiative positions Egypt as the first African country with satellite assembly and testing capabilities.

The MisrSat-2 satellite aligns with Egypt’s sustainable development goals, leveraging space technology to bolster critical sectors such as agriculture, mineral resource exploration, identification of surface water sources, and the study of climate change’s impact on the environment. The successful launch underscores the strength of the strategic alliance between China and Egypt, paving the way for continued advancements in space exploration and technology.