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Egyptian Space Agency discusses collaboration with UAESA to send Egyptian astronaut to space

Hot on the heels of Emirati astronaut Hazzaa Almansoori's return from the ISS, the Egyptian Space Agency is working with the UAE Space Agency to launch an Egyptian astronaut into space.

The Egyptian Space Agency has announced plans to send an Egyptian astronaut to the International Space Station, Egyptian Space Agency Mohamed El-Qousy announced when a high-level delegation from the United Arab Emirates Space Agency went to Cairo last week.

The two teams discussed potential areas of cooperation, knowledge sharing and exchange of expertise.

El-Qousy stressed the need to work closely with the UAE Space Agency to achieve integration between the two agencies and establish an Arab bloc within the United Nations Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space.

Nasser Rashid, director of Policy and Legislation at the UAE Space Agency, said that the Arab Satellite 813 provided by the UAE will represent the beginning of real cooperation with Egypt and a group of Arab countries, as it aims to achieve an Arab bloc in the field of space technology. The satellite will weigh 150 kilograms and will be in orbit at an altitude of 600km. Arab Satellite 813 will be part of a larger objective to develop the Arab world.

The Egyptian Space Agency was established in 2018 to put in place the necessary infrastructure to establish a satellite industry for remote sensing and communications.