Ethiopian telco mulls acquiring comms satellite

Following INSA's unsuccessful bid to acquire a satellite, Ethio Telecom has revisited its original plans to acquire a satellite to serve the varied needs of the country.

Ethiopia’s monopoly state telco operator, Ethio Telecom, is looking to acquire a communication satellite to serve the education, health and agriculture sectors, where there is no telecom infrastructure following an unsuccessful attempt by Information Network Security Agency (INSA).

Ethio Telecom was initially meant to acquire a communication satellite but aborted the plan to avoid duplication of efforts when INSA proposed a similar acquisition.

Ethio Telecom spends USD 12m on annual fees for satellite services and this increases when satellite services are used by media, aviation and national security institutions.

The new management of Ethio Telecom have confirmed that there are plans for such an acquisition.

“We are working on the plan. We will work on the strategy and present it to the government for approval,” the official said.