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Eutelsat considers Ground Network sale options

Eutelsat’s ground station network consists of antenna systems and other facilities that provide connectivity for the company’s satellite network.

Eutelsat Group has disclosed its ongoing exploration of potential partnerships with external infrastructure investors concerning its ground network. The analysis, currently in its preliminary stage, indicates that there is no definitive outcome guaranteed at this juncture.

According to reports from Bloomberg, the estimated value of the ground network surpasses $850m. Eutelsat Group has emphasised that any further communication regarding this matter will only occur if and when the preliminary analysis progresses towards a potential transaction.

Eutelsat currently oversees a vast network of more than 70 teleports, strategically situated across France, Italy, Madeira, and Mexico. These teleports serve as critical hubs in facilitating satellite communications and connectivity services.

The company’s contemplation of partnership options underscores its commitment to exploring strategic avenues for maximising the value of its infrastructure assets. Further updates will be provided as the situation develops.