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Facebook may launch internet satellite in March

Athena satellite will be sent to space for testing purposes so that future satellites can be launched more easily.

Social media giant Facebook is reportedly working towards launching its internet satellite by March this year.

The Athena satellite will be launched as a test on the Arianespace Vega rocket in France. Arianespace Vega has a load capacity of 1500 kg and can launch satellites in a 700-km circular orbit.

The satellite aims to help provide Internet access in those parts of the world where the bad connection, according to media reports.

After several delays due to logistical issues, Facebook has completed the necessary documents and disconnected the permit with the FCC.  The permit application was filed by PointView, which is owned by Facebook.

In 2016, Facebook’s Amos-6 satellites, which cost $200m, aimed to bring free internet to 14 African countries. This satellite exploded on a rocket from SpaceX.


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