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FreeWave leverages Orbcomm’s IoT technology 

It will drive efficiency, sustainability and compliance for FreeWave’s environmental IoT solutions.

FreeWave Technologies (FreeWave), a major player in industrial wireless technology, has selected Orbcomm’s next-generation satellite technology to expand its environmental IoT solutions portfolio, which helps customers improve the efficiency, sustainability and compliance of their remote global industrial operations.

FreeWave is using Orbcomm’s satellite terminal, which provides enhanced two-way communication speed, global coverage and low power consumption for monitoring a wide variety of environmental IoT applications, including farming and agricultural systems, water treatment and distribution, weather prediction, and tank-level management. Leveraging Orbcomm’s latest satellite IoT technology, FreeWave may deliver uninterrupted visibility and control for sensors, equipment and machines anytime, anywhere for maximum reliability.

Commenting on the deal, Chris MacDonald, Orbcomm’s Senior Vice President of North America Sales, said: “Orbcomm’s best-in-class satellite technology is integral to FreeWave’s environmental IoT solutions to ensure optimal reliability, global coverage and longevity for customers spanning the agriculture, oil & gas and natural resources industries, which expands our reach in these critical markets. With Orbcomm’s two-way satellite terminals, FreeWave’s customers can seamlessly monitor and control their industrial assets from anywhere in the world, enabling precise and efficient management of their operations with an immediate ROI.”

Mike Tate, COO and Senior Vice President of Global Sales & Marketing with FreeWave Technologies, added: “We are excited to partner with Orbcomm and leverage their high-performance satellite IoT technology to transform the extreme edge of our customers’ industrial operations into a connected part of their enterprise. By incorporating Orbcomm’s devices into our industrial IoT applications, we can bring exponential efficiency and productivity gains to our customers and help them preserve essential natural resources such as food, air, energy and water to create a more sustainable world for generations to come.”

Orbcomm and FreeWave are attending Satellite 2023, which runs until March 16.