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Gilat Satellite Networks to exhibit at CABSAT for the first time

Gilat will particularly focus on its most recent launch – its next generation SATCOM ground segment, SkyEdge IV – at CABSAT this year.

Israel-headquartered, satellite-solutions provider Gilat Satellite Networks Ltd. will be participating for the first time at CABSAT this year. As a global major in cellular backhaul over satellite, the company hopes to reach out to mobile network operators in this region.

“We believe that by educating users about the advantages of Gilat’s solution, we will create a win-win situation that will advance the operators’ business in the region as well as grow Gilat’s market share,” Abed Zhalka, General Manager, Gilat MENA told BroadcastPro ME.

He further stated that participation in this show offers “an opportunity to expose the satellite operators, mobile network operators and service providers in this region to Gilat’s broad set of solutions for satellite communication”.

“Gilat’s ground segment supports multiple applications including cellular backhaul, enterprise, government, defense, as well as mobility applications. We provide the ground segment hub and VSATs as well as antenna terminals and BUCs. We will be ready to discuss satellite communication needs at large and plan to focus on the need of cellular backhauling over satellite,” he added.

Gilat will particularly focus on its most recent launch – its next generation SATCOM ground segment, SkyEdge IV – at CABSAT.

“The satellite industry is going through a major transition, as more and more non- geostationary satellites are launched to form MEO and LEO constellations. Furthermore, we are seeing the trend of satellites with massive capacity, called very high throughput satellites (VHTS) and the satellites getting smarter and becoming software defined satellite (SDS). Gilat is leading this trend with SkyEdge IV for multi-orbit, software-defined VHTS.”

SkyEdge IV is a multi-orbit, multi-service platform built to work in harmony with software-defined satellites and support cloud software-defined-network-centric infrastructure. The platform is equipped with Elastix-TotalNMS to orchestrate network management for a unified network. It has reportedly been chosen by several satellite operators and is backward compatible to SkyEdge II-c, the satellite communication ground segment for multiple applications. SkyEdge II-c operates in over 100 countries with over 900 networks.

“Gilat is most pleased to offer our cellular backhaul (CBH) over satellite solution in this region. More and more MNOs are adopting satellite backhauling to easily extend connectivity to rural sites and for disaster recovery. Gilat’s CBH solution provides an enhanced user experience and is ready for 5G migration,” commented Zhalka.

Zhalka is also a speaker at CABSAT this year. He will have two sessions – one at the SATEXPO Summit on May 18 and the second, at the Digital Hub Stage on May 19.

“Gilat is a global leader in the business of satellite communication. As this region grows, we believe that Gilat has a full portfolio of solutions to introduce to this market. In particular, we believe that as the need of mobile connectivity expands, we can offer a cost effective, quick solution by backhauling cellular traffic over satellite to reach remote regions where terrestrial infrastructure doesn’t exist and often is not feasible.

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