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GlobaFone to offer Iridum Go! personal WiFi hotspot

Device can connect to multiple devices while enabling voice, data communications

GlobaFone, a multi-carrier satellite service provider, has added Iridium GO! personal WiFi hotspot to its portfolio of satcomm solutions. The GO! device can connect to a variety of devices and, through the downloadable app, enable voice and data communications from your personal device without requiring an additional satellite phone.

“The Iridium GO! adds the dimension of satellite communications to people who previously felt a satellite iPhone was beyond their reach”, says GlobaFone CEO Lou Altman. “The notion of BYOD, impossible just a few years ago, is now a reality.”

For use, the app needs to be downloaded and the GO! hotspot placed within 100 feet of the device, which needs the small antenna popped up to connect to the WiFi. Rate plans start at USD 45 a month and USD 1.09 per minute. There is also an unlimited plan for USD 135 a month.