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 HISPASAT and Media Broadcast Satellite to distribute FunBox UHD channel in EMEA

FunBox UHD will be broadcast on the 4K content distribution platform that HISPASAT manages together with Media Broadcast Satellite. The deal is for an initial period of five years.

HISPASAT and telecommunications services provider Media Broadcast Satellite have reached an agreement to distribute one of Europe’s Ultra-High-Definition (UHD) channels, FunBox UHD, in Europe, the Middle East and North Africa (EMEA). The deal is valid for initial duration of five years.

The channel, which belongs to content provider SPI International, is a thematic channel about nature, travel and adventure, art music, culture and lifestyle. Its content allows viewers to explore breath-taking places, witness important cultural events and watch ultra-high-resolution films thanks to the 4K technology, which reveals all the images’ nuances and details.

The broadcast combines Media Broadcast Satellite’s teleport capacities in Usingen (Germany) with HISPASAT’s high-power 30W-5 satellite (H30W-5), with extensive coverage throughout the region specifically designed to distribute top-tier multimedia contents. This broadcast platform aims to become an efficient and flexible medium for 4K channels to be distributed in Europe and North Africa with HISPASAT’s satellites in this region. Furthermore, this channel can be received in several cable-TV operator platforms in Spain, Portugal, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg, among others.

HISPASAT has supported the development and implementation of Ultra-High-Definition technology in order to make it available as soon as possible for cinema and television viewers. The company was the first satellite operator to make an Ultra-High-Definition broadcast in Latin America through the HISPASAT 30W-3 satellite. Since September 2013, the company has provided open-access broadcast of the HISPASAT 4K channel in Europe, made available to the industry to encourage the use of this technology.