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Inmarsat launches Elevate to accelerate IoT industry growth

Inmarsat Elevate offers three key pillars to support businesses throughout the IoT ecosystem and cement the industry’s future growth.
Photo by Francesco Ungaro from Pexels.

Elevate will bring together its development programme, partner ecosystem and online marketplace to enable businesses around the world to harness industrial IoT success

With more businesses recognising the impact of IoT technologies on their operations and on the world, and the number of global satellite IoT connections set to continue growing at a 25% CAGR, according to Omdia, the need for a ‘one-stop shop’ for IoT solutions has never been greater.

To accelerate these IoT opportunities for businesses around the world, Inmarsat has announced a partner programme called Inmarsat Elevate that offers three key pillars to support businesses throughout the IoT ecosystem and to cement the industry’s future growth.

The first pillar is a development programme for IoT solution providers, system integrators, machinery manufacturers, and OEMs looking to scale, who will be able to take advantage of Inmarsat’s Elera satellite network and footprint. The second is a partner ecosystem, enabling organisations to access each other’s knowledge and collaborate with other organisations within the satellite IoT sector. The third is an online marketplace to promote IoT solutions that work seamlessly anywhere in the world, no matter how remote – to ensure every business can benefit.

In the next five years, the goal of Inmarsat Elevate is to help partners achieve double-digit growth – as well as to establish Inmarsat Elevate as a major marketplace for solutions that work anywhere in the world.

Speaking about the programme, Mike Carter, President at Inmarsat Enterprise, said: “The satellite IoT market has been steadily growing for years – and now is the time to up the ante and kickstart its next stage of more rapid growth. Inmarsat Elevate will help our customers realise the promise of IoT anywhere while empowering the wider satellite IoT ecosystem to make it a reality. The Elevate community will play an active role in addressing the planet’s really big challenges, helping build a more sustainable, efficient and safe global supply chain.”

“Inmarsat’s ELERA network provides an essential backbone to IoT innovation, so our development partners will be able to scale and grow their operations backed by its reliability and seamless global connectivity. Our partner ecosystem will enable knowledge-sharing and collaboration at an unprecedented scale, between parties of all sizes, in all geographies and industries, while our online marketplace will promote IoT solutions for any and every business need.

“Launching a programme like Inmarsat Elevate is about using our expertise and technological strength for the good of our customers – and we’re confident that it will have a huge impact on the organisations that need it most. We’re excited to work with as many new partners as possible, and to see what we can achieve together – as individual businesses, and as an innovative, game-changing industry.”