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Integrasys develops Beam Budget tool for LEO and flat panel antennas

The solution hopes to provide higher bandwidth for matching the demand with reliable network technology.

Satellite carrier monitoring system and VSAT tools provider Integrasys has announced that it has developed the Beam Budget technology solution that supports LEO constellation and flat panel antennas. The solution hopes to effectively use the spectrum and provide higher bandwidth for matching the demand with reliable network technology.

Flat panel antennas are designed to fit in more types of platforms with its low profile and its flat surface. The greatest advantage of flat panel antennas is the ability to create Multibeams, which are able to point different constellations.

This part is where LEO satellites come on stage. The complexity of this communication system lies in their orbital movements which enables them to reduce the latency between devices. Therefore, flat panel antennas would be ideal to make this connection happen, as they can point to multiple satellites simultaneously. For instance, Connected Car is an application that will drive the flat panel antennas to a privileged position within the industry.

Regarding the development experienced by the industry, the calculation of Link Budget becomes harder with LEO satellites and it is not easy to find tools that can control these new antennas and these satellite networks to be placed around the Earth. This is where Beam Budget solution comes into play.

Beam Budget has the availability for any frequency band, including Q and V whose high frequencies are more affected by atmospheric events. Now, small satellites constellations can design better, easier, and more effectively their networks for their constellations, and service providers can compare constellations and services before they choose the right partner.