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Intellian Technologies expands SES O3b mPOWER terminal portfolio

Intellian and SES have expanded O3b mPOWER partnership with new terminals.

Intellian Technologies has unveiled two new additions, the ARC-M4-Block 1 and X150D, to their SES O3b mPOWER terminal portfolio. The announcement follows successful over-the-air testing conducted in collaboration with SES at the Research and Development Center in South Korea.

Designed specifically for navy forces, the ARC-M4-Block 1 naval terminal is a 1.3m multi-band terminal offering access to X-band, MIL Ka-band, and 2.5GHz commercial Ka-band networks. Naval customers can leverage simultaneous X-band and Ka-band transmit and receive capabilities when operating on a WGS satellite, providing layers of resilient connectivity and throughput for mission-critical operations. The terminal is engineered for operation on Low Earth Orbit (LEO), Geostationary Orbit (GEO), Highly Elliptical Orbit (HEO), and Medium Earth Orbit (MEO) satellite orbits, including SES O3b mPOWER. Noteworthy features include military-spec standards for environmental and Electromagnetic Interference (EMI).

Catering to cruise and energy operators, the X150D joins the successful XEO Series as a 1.5m electronically switchable Ku/Ka-band terminal with a single feed. Building on the market success of the X130D and X130D PM since their 2022 launch, the XEO Series is designed for government, cruise, expedition vessels, superyachts, energy, and shipping sectors. Leveraging Intellian’s proven design, the XEO antennas feature multi-orbit tracking capabilities, supporting Low Earth Orbit (LEO), Medium Earth Orbit (MEO), Geostationary Orbit (GEO), and Highly Elliptical Orbit (HEO).

O3b mPOWER stands as SES’s second-generation Medium Earth Orbit (MEO) satellite system, with commercial availability scheduled from Q2 2024. Promising high throughput, low latency, reliable network availability, and flexibility, O3b mPOWER ensures customers can rely on the service for critical operations and adapt to evolving needs.

Intellian and SES Engineers collaborated at a state-of-the-art facility, conducting rigorous testing of these new multi-orbit and multi-band terminals across the O3b system. The terminals demonstrated their suitability for hybrid connectivity, resiliency, and flexibility, achieving an impressive throughput of 600 Mbps.

Commenting on the development, Eric Sung, CEO of Intellian Technologies Inc, said: “Our partnership with SES continues to strengthen and we now enter the next exciting chapter, I’m blown-away by the network capabilities of O3b mPOWER. The ARC-M4-Block 1 and the X150D will open up new markets and allow us to address the phenomenal demand across government, cruise and energy customers, requiring the highest throughput, resiliency and agility.”

Saba Wehbe, Senior Vice President of Service Engineering and Delivery at SES, added: “Intellian is an industry leader in innovation and quality. We’ve experienced this every step of the way during the development of our O3b mPOWER terminal portfolio, receiving exceptional customer feedback from Government, Enterprise and Maritime customers throughout the world. Adding Intellian’s ARC-M4-Block 1 naval terminal and the X150D to the approved list of terminals allows us to reach new customers with our O3b mPOWER service.”