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Intelsat and Saudi Net Link connect oil producers in remote areas

This partnership with Intelsat not only meets the business requirements but also addresses the need for personal connection in remote areas.

Intelsat, in collaboration with prominent telecommunications firm and systems integrator Saudi Net Link (SNL), has spearheaded efforts to deliver capacity and services to a Saudi-based, globally integrated energy and chemicals company, also recognized as one of the world’s largest oil producers.

Oil and gas sites pose connectivity challenges due to their remote locations, challenging terrain, and harsh weather conditions. However, maintaining reliable and always-on connectivity is paramount to ensuring production continuity, continuous monitoring, and employee safety. In addressing these challenges, stable and uninterrupted connectivity to a GEO satellite emerges as the most effective solution.

Oil producers rely on Intelsat for its network quality and the abundance of satellite options available. With a wide array of satellites to choose from, customers benefit from flexibility without compromising on solutions. Intelsat’s network resilience and dedicated customer service ensure that energy companies have reliable support when needed most.

Mohamed Al Faisal, Business Development Director at Saudi Net Link, emphasised the significance of the partnership with Intelsat in meeting business requirements while enhancing personal connections in remote areas, thereby improving the well-being of remote workers in offshore locations and the deep deserts of Saudi Arabia.

At mining sites, rapid deployment of temporary offices with sufficient bandwidth is essential for facilitating basic communication, data transfer, video streaming, and specialised applications supporting business continuity. In cases where exploration sites are accessible for a limited period, the ability to swiftly deploy portable connectivity solutions becomes even more crucial.

Saher Abudaqar, Intelsat’s Managing Sales Director in MENA, underscored the importance of connectivity in ensuring efficient and safe operations, reaffirming Intelsat and SNL’s commitment to providing comprehensive connectivity solutions tailored to the unique needs of the oil and gas industry.