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Iridium CloudConnect goes live, extends IoT on Amazon Web Services globally

The service combines Iridium IoT capabilities with AWS IoT extending customers’ IoT reach to more than 80% of the Earth that lacks terrestrial coverage. 

Iridium Communications has announced that Iridium CloudConnect, the satellite cloud-based solution offering global coverage for Internet of Things (IoT) applications, is now actively serving customers.

By combining the attributes of the Iridium network with the breadth of AWS supporting infrastructure and services, Iridium promises reduced engineering time, lower fixed operating costs and faster development and deployment of new IoT products and applications.

For existing AWS customers, Iridium CloudConnect provides the ability to expand their current service footprint beyond terrestrial coverage for additional service offerings and improved performance through the addition of satellite connectivity.

Through its constellation of 66 crosslinked satellites, Iridium offers global coverage and is ideally suited for IoT applications.

Commenting on the development, Bryan Hartin, Executive VP, Sales and Marketing, Iridium, said: “There’s been great anticipation for this service since it was first announced, and now our partners and customers can easily experience the full power of IoT using AWS, combined with the only network offering truly global coverage. We’ve built a direct, private connection between our gateway and AWS, making it secure and redundant. This is now a premier satellite cloud-based IoT service.”

Matt Desch, CEO, Iridium, added: “Iridium CloudConnect illustrates how the Iridium network can connect, monitor, and control assets virtually anywhere on the planet. This validates why we have continued to become the de facto network of choice for customers to develop their satellite IoT services.”