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Kampala INSPIRE Hackathon 2020 launches to address social issues in Africa

The hackathon will run as a fully virtual event and the final phase is on May 6 where the hackathon results will be presented remotely.
The Kampala INSPIRE Hackathon 2020 has been launched in Africa to address social issues in the country. It is a contribution to the joint efforts between the IST-Africa 2020 conference, supported by the European Commission (EC) and the African Union Commission (AUC) to solve challenges related to topics such as agriculture and environmental sustainability, transportation, climate change trends, food security, text mining and metadata, ethical and legal aspects of open data affecting farmers, among others.
The Kampala INSPIRE Hackathon 2020 is one of the satellite INSPIRE hackathons. The hackathon is organised in the frame of the IST Africa 2020 Conference. It is a collaborative event organised by Plan4all, Club of Ossiach associations, GODAN, FAO, IST-Africa Conference, Makerere University, AfriGEO, RCMRD and EU projects including EO4Agri, STARGATE, RDA Europe 4.0, SIEUSOIL, DEMETER, SmartAgriHubs, NextGEOSS, EUXDAT, PoliVisu and AFarCloud.
The INSPIRE hackathon concept also offers capacity building activities provided in webinars organised by each of the challenges where experts are invited to speak about topics covered within the challenge. The webinars will be announced within a couple of weeks after the hackathon is kicked-off.