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Kleos Space set to launch satellites for new scouting mission from India 

The satellites launched will locate VHF transmissions to help coordinate and fight against the illegal maritime activity. 

Kleos Space SA, a space-powered radio frequency reconnaissance data-as-a-service (DaaS) company, has confirmed that following the successful launch of PSLV 47 (November 27) and PSLV 48 (December 11), that the Kleos Scouting Mission will launch on PSLV 49 from Chennai, India.

In a statement about the upcoming launch, Kleos Space said: “We eagerly await the time when the launch date can be announced, and all final preparations put in place for this historic moment for the company.”

The satellites will soon be launched and deployed into formation, observing the Earth and locating VHF transmissions to help in the coordination of the fight against the illegal maritime activity.

The company also shared some of its achievements of 2019 which include the development and building of the first cluster of 4x satellites, strong market traction – close to 100 data sales deals in the pipeline, including a number of pre-orders from Europe, South America and North America, participating in a US Air Force accelerator program, and maritime safety collaborations including with Spire Global.

The company also said that the year 2019 saw Kleos Space transition into an international company building traction, and creating the opportunity to grow, and now 2020 is about delivery and expansion.