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Kratos receives contract awards worth $65m

The contracts will require Kratos to provide a range of products and services in various domains critical to defending space operations and ensuring global satellite communication primarily within the US national security sector.

Kratos Defense & Security Solutions, Inc. a major national security solutions provider announced on 31 December that it has received recent space and satellite communications contract awards and options on existing contracts summing up to nearly USD 65m. Tasks carried out under these contract awards will be performed at secure Kratos manufacturing facilities and client base and optimal completion is anticipated over the next twelve months.

The awards include Kratos’ products and services across a gamut of technology application domains that are crucial to defending space operations and assuring global satellite communication for the US and its allies and other operations that are important to national security. The award will also entail that Kratos provide solutions for satellite command and control, signal monitoring, cloud-enabled architectures, end-to-end service assurance, and other applications.

Speaking about its success in securing contracts, Phil Carrai, President of Kratos’ Space, Cybersecurity and Training business, said: “The Space sector is experiencing a technology renaissance, and much of that advancement is occurring in the ground segment solutions that Kratos specialises in: those which assure the availability, reliability, security and operational goals of these missions. The range of space missions enabled by these awards and renewals is extremely broad, and Kratos is one of the only companies that can support that breadth with COTS products, as well as cloud operations enablement, mission-specific applications and tailored waveforms.”

About 85% of United States space missions are supported by Kratos products and are employed by more than 75% of global satellite operators. Kratos also said in a statement that it owns and operates the largest global, commercial network of space-focused Radio Frequency (RF) sensors used to help clients identify, locate and mitigate interference challenges.

Recently Kratos also announced that it has started leveraging the network to offer new Space Situational Awareness (SSA) services to render further clarity and insight to operations in the space environment for its clients.

Further information on the contract awards are not available now.