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Kuwaiti space entity launches ‘Code in Space’ initiative

The programme is open to all students globally and the deadline to submit proposals is October 30.

Kuwait space startup Orbital Space, in collaboration with Bulgaria’s Space Challenges Program and NanoSat manufacturer EnduroSat, has announced ‘Code in Space’, an international online programming opportunity for students to send and execute their own code in space (Low Earth Orbit).

Orbital Space provides affordable access to space just outside planet Earth (low earth orbits) through CubeSat technology in the Middle East. Meanwhile, EnduroSat designs, builds and operates NanoSats for a range of commercial, exploration and science missions.

As part of the programme, students may submit proposals, and the selected submissions will be uploaded to a nanosatellite orbiting the Earth in the UHF frequency range.

The code will be executed by EnduroSat’s Onboard Computer Type and tested under real space environment conditions. The code executions test results will be transmitted back to Earth via a satellite ground station.

Topics should be new concepts addressing current challenges and limitations of satellite technology such as digital broadcasting, broadband communication, ground and in-orbit tracking of satellites, games using satellite signals or data, encryption and security, among others.

Proposals will be evaluated based on various criteria such as solution/concept objective and justification, clarity and critical thinking, creativity and practicality/feasibility of executing the code by the satellite onboard computer.