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KVH doubles mini-VSAT Broadband network capacity in Africa

Additional capacity to support increasing activity in offshore oil, gas industry

KVH Industries has doubled the capacity of its mini-VSAT Broadband network in the oil and gas rich areas off the West African coast, where maritime traffic and customer demands are surging.

The additional Ku-band capacity, which became available in April, addresses demand in an area where offshore supply vessels are the critical link between drilling rigs, cargo ships and operations on shore.

This area includes the international offshore waters of western Africa, where oil industry activity is increasing, and reliable satellite communications is vital to improving the quality of life and safety for crews and ships.

According to reports from the US Energy Information Administration, Africa’s proven oil reserves have grown 120% in the past three decades, from 57 billion barrels to 124 billion barrels, with at least another 100 billion barrels waiting to be discovered. Proven reserves of natural gas have grown 140% in that time.

The mini-VSAT Broadband network covers 100% of the maritime market through a combination of 19 Ku-band transponders and three C-band beams. KVH has built this global infrastructure by leasing available commercial satellite capacity, rather than investing in its own satellites, reportedly leading to lower costs for customers.