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LeoLabs secures $29m in financing to enhance space insight delivery

The company will scale up delivery of insights to commercial and government operators by increasing investment in advanced end-user applications and partner integrations.
Photo credit: LeoLabs

LeoLabs has raised an additional $29m in financing, empowering the company to bolster its insight delivery capabilities through investments in advanced end-user applications and partner integrations.

Renowned for its global, proliferated radar network, low latency, and the world’s largest commercial orbital catalogue, LeoLabs has significantly enhanced the visibility of over 20,000 objects in low Earth orbit (LEO). Leveraging artificial intelligence (AI), the company processes millions of measurements into crucial insights for both commercial and government operators, ensuring space safety, security, and sustainability.

Speaking about the financing, Dan Ceperley, CEO and co-founder of LeoLabs, said: “With the unprecedented growth of satellites in low Earth orbit, enhanced safety and security solutions are critical. We’ve built a responsive layer of artificial intelligence algorithms that turn the real-time data collected by our all-weather, 24/7 sensor network into continuous and reliable insights for space operators. This investment, led by GP Bullhound, enables us to accelerate this effort by bolstering our data architecture and system software. We’re eager to continue serving the space sector as a key operational partner and enable its growth in an emerging era of tens of thousands of satellites.”

LeoLabs’ analytics facilitate automation to match the scale of growth in LEO for both government and commercial operators. For government operators, LeoLabs aims to integrate space domain expertise and real-time insights on anomalous space activities into defence command operations. For commercial operators, the company pledges to deliver the most reliable and refined orbital data and safety alerts to inform mission planning and operations. Additionally, LeoLabs will scale its safety capabilities to support the next generation of space traffic coordination developed by the US Department of Commerce.

Per Roman, Managing Partner at GP Bullhound, added: “Space is becoming one of the key growth areas of this decade and beyond. LeoLabs is already the category leader at tracking this data in its extreme complexity — a position we find unique and attractive. We are also deeply concerned that if humanity’s space expansion is not monitored and managed in a fair and equitable way, we may end up with environmental challenges in space that can harm life on our planet and therefore see LeoLabs as another key investment in our ESG theme alongside Ecovadis.”

New investors, including GP Bullhound, 1941, and Dolby Family Ventures, joined this financing round, supported by existing investors such as Insight Partners, Velvet Sea Ventures, Space Capital, MDSV Capital, and the AngelList Syndicate led by Dylan Taylor.

LeoLabs experienced an oversubscribed funding round due to its recent global market growth, securing key engagements with commercial operators and allied governments across Asia Pacific, Europe, and North America. The company anticipates announcing additional wins in Space Domain Awareness in the coming months as it continues its mission to ensure space safety and security, expanding its global operations and capabilities to meet growing demand.