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LMCLS to offer “refund or reflight” launch deal

Programme to offer 100% refund for total vehicle malfunction, partial refunds for partial malfunctionrn

Lockheed Martin Commercial Launch Services (LMCLS), a Lockheed Martin subsidiary, has introduced a 100% space launch vehicle “refund or reflight” programme, to protect customers in the event of a total launch vehicle malfunction. The programme also provides partial refunds for partial malfunctions, and applies to all future LMCLS non-US Government contracts.

“Our customers expect superior service and can’t afford anything less than 100% mission success,” says Robert R. Cleave, President and Chairman of the board of LMCLS. “Our Atlas launch vehicle has an unparalleled track record of reliability and performance. With the addition of this programme, we’re offering customers complete peace of mind.”

The refund or reflight programme will be a standard component in all future LMCLS launch service contracts, meaning customers will not need to negotiate and acquire space insurance for the Atlas launch vehicle on their own. The programme is subject to certain terms, conditions and exclusions.

“We know how much our customers value affordability and assured access to space,” adds Cleave. “This programme demonstrates Lockheed Martin’s confidence in the Atlas launch vehicle, while saving customers costs and hassle. It also streamlines the launch process, allowing customers to focus on the success of their payloads and their businesses.”

LMCLS is the exclusive provider of all non-US Government Atlas launch services. LMCLS also offers Athena launch services for small satellites and multi-payload RideShare missions.