MBRSC and Society of Engineers – UAE sign MoU

This agreement will open new horizons for cooperation in future projects and support MBRSC's efforts in highlighting the centre’s achievements on the global stage.

The Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Centre (MBRSC) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Society of Engineers – UAE at the Centre’s headquarters in Dubai. The signing ceremony was attended by H.E. Salem Humaid AlMarri, Director General of MBRSC and H.E. Abdulla Yousef Al Ali, President of the Board of Directors of the Society of Engineers – UAE.

The MoU aims to create a collaborative environment by connecting engineers from MBRSC with the Society of Engineers – UAE. It focuses on the exchange of experiences and research in engineering, and cooperation on future community projects and initiatives. Additionally, the agreement includes coordinating to promote the Centre’s initiatives and achievements globally through the Society of Engineers’ “World of Engineering” magazine and supporting conferences and events organised by the Centre.

Speaking about the MoU, Salem Humaid AlMarri said: “We are happy to sign this memorandum with the Society of Engineers – UAE, which comes within the framework of enhancing cooperation and exchanging experiences and knowledge between both our organisations. We believe in the importance of cooperation between institutions to achieve our goals. This agreement will open new horizons for cooperation in future projects and support our efforts in highlighting the Centre’s achievements on the global stage.”

After the signing, Abdulla Yousef Al Ali was given a tour of the Centre and briefed on its latest achievements, initiatives, and projects.

Abdulla Yousef Al Ali added: “I am delighted to visit MBRSC. The MoU we signed today with the Centre opens new horizons for innovation and technology and enhances the Society of Engineers – UAE’s role in participating in the fields of space and technology. Seeing such ambitious projects inspires young engineers and pushes them towards achieving more creativity and innovations in various engineering fields.”

This cooperation reflects the commitment of both entities to support and strengthen their strategic partnership. It ensures continuous advancement and development of their association, establishing a foundation for collaboration and the exchange of knowledge and skills in engineering, and promoting strategic integration between government agencies in the UAE.