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MBRSC opens registrations for Space Explorer Winter Camp

To apply for the winter camp, the participant needs to be a student at any school in the UAE between the ages of 11 and 14.
Adnan AlRais is Mars 2117 Programme Director at MBRSC.

The Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Centre (MBRSC) has announced the opening of registrations for the Space Explorer Winter Camp which will be held virtually from December 20 to 23, 2020 for kids between the ages of 11-14 years, with the aim of providing them with scientific and practical skills in the space sector.

The virtual Space Explorer Winter Camp is part of the outreach initiatives of MBRSC, to support the UAE’s strategic directions in the science and technology fields, promoting the building of a generation capable of adopting advanced technologies to develop different solutions to tackle future challenges.

During the camp, participants will engage in interactive workshops aimed at providing an exceptional and unique experience of space exploration that includes educational activities and workshops provided by MBRSC’s experts and specialists. The various subjects in the camp include planetary sciences, astronaut missions onboard the International Space Station and manned space flights, robotics and artificial intelligence, Emirates Mars Mission, planetary mapping, Q&A surrounding Mars versus earth, and other interesting topics related to space science.

Commenting on the benefits of the camp for the youth, Adnan AlRais, Mars 2117 Programme Director, MBRSC said: “The outreach programme of MBRSC aims to equip the youth of today with the right tools to help build a knowledge-based society so that they can become tomorrow’s leaders. The Space Explorer Winter Camp will provide valuable insights into the practical and theoretical aspects of space and its related fields, which provides youngsters with the opportunity to discover different aspects of space science and its modern technologies, which is considered a basis for advanced science in all fields. Through the camp, we are also leveraging the potential of youngsters in the UAE to gather ideas on how to contribute to the space sector.”

He added: “I am sure that the young people who take part in the camp will leave their mark on the space sector in years to come.”

The Space Explorer Winter Camp falls under the Mars 2117 Programme, which is funded by the ICT fund of the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA). It aims to inspire young people with an exceptional experience, helping them understand our planet and the solar system, and generate excitement and interest in the universe by providing a unique platform in the fields of space science and technology.