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MBRSC organises Space Science Education Programme

The workshop included an introduction to MBRSC’s projects, details about the Arab space mission along with an exploration of Sultan Al Neyadi’s science experiments on the ISS.

The Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Centre (MBRSC) has launched an ongoing educational outreach programme – the Space Science Education Programme. This initiative fosters collaborations with various schools, encouraging participation from students across the Emirates of the UAE. With an aim to expand the comprehension and appreciation of space science, this initiative has been meticulously crafted to inspire a new generation of space enthusiasts within the UAE’s student community.

The programme commenced with its inaugural session on the ‘Microorganism in Space’ workshop as part of the second mission of the UAE Astronaut Programme (UAEAP), with Sultan Al Neyadi. This workshop features an exploration of microorganisms in space, offering a fascinating insight into how minute life forms behave differently in the unique environment of space, stimulating interest in the fast-emerging area of study in space biology. During this hands-on workshop, MBRSC shares space kits with students and teachers, allowing them to practically experience and understand this concept.

Speaking about the educational programme, Salem Humaid AlMarri, Director General, MBRSC: “Empowering the youth with knowledge and encouraging their interest in the sciences have been an integral part of our mission at MBRSC. Through the Space Science Education Programme, we are not only igniting the spark of curiosity but also laying the foundation for the next generation of scientists, engineers, and astronauts in our nation. We will continue to reiterate our commitment to nurturing a culture of scientific discovery and technological innovation in the UAE. The future of our nation lies in the minds of our young learners today, and it is our responsibility to provide them with the knowledge, tools, and inspiration they need to lead the UAE into an era of unbound possibilities in space exploration and beyond.”

The Space Science Education Programme will cover an extensive array of space and scientific topics along with offering an intriguing glimpse into the workings of space exploration and research.

Adnan AlRais, Mission Manager, UAE Astronaut Programme, added: “Education is the cornerstone of innovation and progress. Through this educational outreach initiative, we’re not just teaching the scientific principles that govern our universe; we’re cultivating critical thinking, fostering creativity, and encouraging a spirit of exploration and discovery. As we nurture our future leaders in STEM, we’re creating an environment where they can dream big, and more importantly, have the tools to turn those dreams into reality.”

Taking a leap into specialised knowledge, the workshop also includes a deep dive into biology in space, introducing students to how living organisms, including humans, adapt to the unique conditions of space, the effects of microgravity on biological functions, and the challenges and breakthroughs in maintaining life in space.

The students are also introduced to MBRSC’s ambitious projects that have marked milestones in the UAE’s space exploration journey, in addition to details of the longest Arab space mission in history. Students learn about the mission’s objectives, the training of astronauts, the scientific experiments conducted, and the overall experience of living and working in microgravity.

The initiative further explores Al Neyadi’s science experiments conducted aboard the ISS during his ongoing mission, while a more comprehensive understanding and an in-depth introduction to the ISS is also included.