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Measat and Reach Ten Communication to provide broadband services to Sarawak region

Measat-3d will provide high-speed broadband in areas where there is no terrestrial network, with speeds of up to 100 Mbps.

Measat has collaborated with Reach Ten Communication on the new Measat-3d high throughput satellite (HTS) East Malaysia Gateway project.

The installation of a new nine-metre antenna at teleport in Samajaya will provide connectivity for over 3,000 additional rural sites in the state. The project will be supported by Measat-3d, Measat’s eighth satellite in orbit, scheduled to be launched in June 2022.

The East Malaysia Gateway also represents a critical infrastructure that will support the goals laid out in the Sarawak Post Covid-19 Development Strategy 2030. Sarawak is one of the largest states in Malaysia and this will be the largest broadband capacity over Sarawak from a single satellite.

Speaking about the collaboration, Leo Chin, Chief Executive Officer, Reach Ten Communication, said: “With Measat-3d scheduled to be launched in June 2022, this HTS broadband gateway is perfectly timed to benefit from its greater capacity, with Reach10 being one of the anchor customers on Measat-3d. Construction of the gateway is currently ongoing and is targeted to be operational by June 2022. We are proud to play a part in supporting the Sarawak Government’s efforts and initiatives to close the digital divide between urban and rural communities. With this upcoming gateway, local satellite service providers can immediately deploy services without additional capital outlay or delay in lead-time due to infrastructure set-up.”

In line with the amount of HTS capacity to be activated on the satellite, the East Malaysia Gateway has been designed to provide both additional capacity and on-ground redundancy to the overall satellite infrastructure of Measat-3d.

Yau Chyong Lim, Chief Operating Officer of Measat, added: “We are pleased to expand our collaboration with Reach10 to support the satellite broadband needs of Sarawakians. The launch of Measat-3d will significantly increase our HTS capacity, enabling us to create a digitally inclusive society and support high-bandwidth applications such as IR4.0, the Internet of Things (IoT), cellular backhaul, telemedicine, on-line learning applications and more, which in the longer-term promises to improve quality of life for all Malaysians, including those living in the most remote areas of the country.”Title: Measat and Reach Ten Communication to broadband services to Sarawak region