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MTN, SES renew critical capacity agreement

High-speed broadband to be delivered to vital shipping routes throughout Indian Ocean Regionrn

Communications service provider MTN and global satellite operator SES have renewed a critical capacity agreement to deliver high-speed broadband to vital shipping routes throughout the Indian Ocean Region (IOR). The deal marks the latest milestone in a long-term global maritime partnership.

A multi-year deal meeting global demand for reliable communications and content services in the IOR, MTN has secured capacity on several transponders aboard SES’ NSS-12 satellite to offer reliable connectivity for applications as varied as the connectivity needs at sea. Corporate network services, passenger and crew communications and lifestyle entertainment offerings are being delivered to vessels travelling one of the world’s largest oceans and busiest shipping routes serving the African and Asian coasts and port cities in Australia and Antarctica.

Ship operators and their guests and crew count on MTN communications services to meet a broad range of offshore demands, including the need to keep passengers and crew happy and connected to family and colleagues around the world. Satellite-delivered high-speed broadband also enables MTN customers to remotely monitor their operations at sea real-time from anywhere. MTN relies on multiple SES satellites to serve its maritime customers around the world.

“MTN and SES have successfully served the growing connectivity demands of our customers throughout the world for years,” says Zafar Khan, Vice-President of Systems and Space Engineering for MTN.

“This renewed agreement with SES underscores our commitment to the Indian Ocean Region and serves as a testament to our confidence in SES satellites, people and expertise. SES has been an important partner, as MTN continues to grow and expand its mobility service offerings as well as its new hybrid-network. This innovative solution allows partners to seamlessly switch from satellite to terrestrial broadband, maximising the bandwidth delivered to each vessel and others in their fleets for the best and most reliable performance and cost efficiencies.”

John Matlaga, Vice-President of Mobility and Enterprise Services in North America for SES, adds: “MTN is a true innovator in global maritime services enabling passengers and crew aboard cruise ships, yachts and oil and gas exploration vessels to connect at sea. Exciting advancements in mobility technologies, including high-throughput mobility beams aboard SES satellites, are enabling maritime leaders like MTN to help their customers operate as effectively and efficiently on the world’s oceans as they do on land.”