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NCC signs agreement with NigComSat for 5G services in Nigeria

The MoU would facilitate the release of contiguous bandwidth in a suitable frequency spectrum band(s) for the early deployment of 5G services in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) and Nigerian Communications Satellite (NigComSat) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for the use of C-band spectrum to boost 5G services in Nigeria.

Professor Umar Danbatta, Executive Vice Chairman (EVC) of NCC, said: “Amongst the Frequency Spectrum bands allocated to 5G by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) the C-band (3.4GHz – 3.9GHz) stands out because its balancing point between coverage and capacity provides the perfect environment for 5G connectivity.”

He added: “The C-band is most suitable and appropriate for immediate deployment of 5G services taking into consideration availability of device ecosystem with 60-70% of global commercial 5G network deployment currently in the band, thus the importance of this spectrum for early deployment of 5G services in Nigeria cannot be overemphasised. However, in Nigeria, only 120 MHz of the band (3.4 – 3.52) GHz is available for mobile services while the remaining 680 MHz (3.52 – 4.2) GHz of the band is used by NigComSat (NG-1R) satellites. The commission initiated a negotiation with NigComSat whom in our estimate could make some adjustment to its satellite operation and release part of its spectrum holding in the band to facilitate the deployment of 5G in Nigeria.”