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NCTS selects Hughes Jupiter System to deliver satellite broadband in Egypt

The mission is to bridge the digital divide in Egypt and provide connectivity to those in rural and unserved areas.
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Egypt’s National Company for Telecommunications Services (NCTS) has selected the Hughes Jupiter System to deliver the ground segment requirements for the operation of the Ka-band TIBA-1 satellite.

The deployment of the Egyptian government-owned TIBA-1 satellite is a major milestone in the country’s mission to connect the unconnected; the Hughes Jupiter System will enable the delivery of Internet and telecom services to millions of people in remote and rural areas of the country.

Under the agreement, Hughes will provide its Jupiter VSAT System to help NCTS accomplish this mission. 

With features that yield higher bandwidth efficiency and lower service cost for operators than other ground systems, the Hughes Jupiter System is the most widely used VSAT system in the world. Initially, NCTS will employ two Jupiter System gateways, a network management system an initial delivery of remote terminals and an OSS/BSS solution, with installation expected in 2022. NCTS may order additional end-user terminals as the public adoption of broadband services expands.

Arianespace launched TIBA-1 to its geostationary orbit located at 35.5 East in 2019.

In a statement, Dr Abdelhamid Mostafa, Chairman of the Board of Directors of NCTS, said: “Our mission is to provide reliable, affordable broadband connectivity for the whole of Egypt, including remote and rural areas – the satellite is essential to achieve our goal. We will optimise the performance of our TIBA-1 satellite with the superior ground system, both technically and commercially, for the job. The Hughes Jupiter System provides efficiency, reliability, flexibility and high performance to ensure the best service delivery.”

Ramesh Ramaswamy, Executive Vice President and General Manager, International division, Hughes, added: “Hughes is pleased to provide the technology to power the massive effort to connect the unconnected in Egypt. The Jupiter System is a crucial component in establishing obstructible, reliable broadband infrastructure that will help Egypt in powering social and economic development.”