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New milestones reached for Telesat’s LEO constellation

Thales Alenia Space, SSL and Airbus have successfully helped develop various solutions for the Telesat LEO constellation

Thales Alenia Space, (a joint venture between Thales and Leonardo) and SSL, a Maxar Technologies company, have completed an important milestone for the Telesat LEO constellation.

The success of the consortium’s System Requirements Review (SRR) demonstrates an increasing momentum for Telesat’s global communications system design and will enable Telesat LEO to deliver performance and affordability.

Telesat had selected the consortium of Thales Alenia Space and Maxar Technologies, the owner of SSL and MDA, as one of two contractors for its LEO system design phase. The consortium, led by Thales Alenia Space, is designing an end-to-end communications system, including satellites, landing stations, user terminals, operations centers, and ground network.

The Thales Alenia Space / Maxar design for Telesat LEO is based on the combined companies’ experience, industrial capability and a strong supplier base for fully integrated communications satellite systems, including payload antenna design, on-board processing, optical inter-satellite links and LEO satellite production. The success of the SRR was the result of multiple work streams located in France, the US and Canada.

“Our consortium is applying the latest technologies to optimise system network performance and assure that the constellation design is the best one for achieving Telesat’s goals. The project team, consisting of engineering specialists at both Thales Alenia Space and Maxar’s SSL, is developing more solutions as we successfully complete one milestone after another.

Speaking about the success, Martin Van Schaik, Senior VP Sales and Marketing said: “Thales Alenia Space Thales Alenia Space leads the industry in successfully deployed constellations and we are very excited to be supporting this new constellation from Telesat that will bring unprecedented levels of capacity and flexibility for broadband services around the world.”

Dario Zamarian, Group President, SSL added: “The consortium of Thales Alenia Space and Maxar’s SSL has made great progress in developing innovative solutions for the Telesat constellation. Completing the SRR is a significant milestone and demonstrates the success of our collaboration with Thales Alenia Space and the value of our SSL and MDA businesses working together to bring integrated solutions that drive competitive advantages for satellite operators, and help build a better world.”

In a related story, Airbus Defence and Space also announced that it has successfully completed the Telesat LEO Constellation SSR and is now working on the detailed design of the system. Development of key technologies for both space and ground segments will enable Airbus to offer solutions that not only meet Telesat’s ambitious requirements but also provide cost effective and stable approaches for its longer term business objectives.

Airbus’ past cooperation with Telesat in communications satellites means it is keen to build on and deepen that partnership. Airbus is defining with Telesat, a LEO satellite constellation that will transform global communications by offering an unsurpassed combination of capacity, speed, security, resilience, low cost and low latency, comparable to, or better than, today’s terrestrial networks.

Airbus will bring its wide range of expertise covering the full end-to-end communication system with satellite constellation and ground segment architectures, design, manufacturing and operations based on its strong heritage in GEO and unrivalled experience in innovative technologies, design and automated production of LEO satellite constellations.