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New UK-based space team launches to boost sector and economy

Serco, Inmarsat, CGI UK and Lockheed Martin UK have launched ‘Athena’ to develop additional UK space capabilities, win new business and boost the British economy.

Four UK-based companies have announced the launch of a new space team called Athena to further the country’s space industry capabilities.

Athena has been formed by Serco, Inmarsat, CGI UK and Lockheed Martin UK. The four companies provide technology and services across defence, space, communications and information technology to governments, businesses and other organisations.

Athena has been formed to seize development opportunities that new space technologies will offer, driving economic growth for the UK and diversification across the British space sector. 

The combined capabilities and technologies available to Athena will enhance further the country’s ability to deliver the UK’s ‘Prosperity and Security in Space’ strategy, which aims to increase the value of space to wider industrial activities to $612bn, generate an extra $6bn in UK exports and attract $3.6bn of additional inward investment. 

Commenting on the new space team, Kevin Craven, Serco Chief Executive, UK & Europe, said: “I am delighted to introduce Athena as an exciting new team that will deliver enhanced space-based technologies and services from the UK. Athena will boost British capabilities, as well as the economy, via growth in this fast-moving, developing sector. The launch of Athena also ensures diversity and choice in the UK space sector for future sustainable development.”