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Nilesat receives ISO certificate for management system

This recognition follows the company's attainment of the World Teleport Association certificate at tier four,

Nilesat, the Egyptian satellite company, has been awarded the ISO 9001:2015 certificate for its quality management system. The accreditation was granted by Bureau Veritas, an esteemed accreditation body, following a thorough audit of Nilesat’s management systems. The audit ensured adherence to the required standards as per the guidelines of the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO). This achievement underscores Nilesat’s dedication to upholding the highest quality standards, guaranteeing the delivery of distinguished services that cater to the expectations and needs of clients across Egypt, the Middle East, and Africa.

Major General Sameh Katta, Chairman and CEO of Nilesat, noted that this accomplishment aligns with the company’s vision to achieve a qualitative leap by modernising and enhancing all operational systems in both technical and administrative sectors. It reflects Nilesat’s commitment to attaining peak excellence in performance, consistent with the company’s strategy of providing top-notch services to its clients.

Expressing gratitude to Nilesat’s employees, Major General Katta praised their efforts in achieving this milestone, acknowledging their unwavering dedication to maintaining the company’s status as the leading satellite operator in the region for satellite broadcasting services.

This recognition follows Nilesat’s earlier achievement of the WTA certificate from tier four, the highest classification for ensuring service continuity, granted by the World Teleport Association. This reaffirms the company’s commitment to continuous enhancement and development.

Eng. Mohamed Yahya, the Quality Management System Development Project Consultant for Nilesat and CEO of CSC, emphasised that the implementation of the quality management system is a pivotal element in the company’s ongoing development and improvement plan. The aim is to elevate the efficiency levels of services provided to customers, aligning with Nilesat’s esteemed reputation as a leading player in the field of satellite communications.

The project consultant commended the support provided by Nilesat Chairman and CEO General Katta and the exceptional staff whose contributions played a pivotal role in the swift and successful execution of the project.