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Northrop Grumman completes laser comms demo for military constellation

Northrop Grumman has selected Mynaric as a strategic supplier for laser communications, and Innoflight for encryption and other aspects of Northrop Grumman’s architecture.
Photo credit: Northrop Grumman

Northrop Grumman has completed a ground demonstration of a secure networked laser communications system for proliferated-LEO constellations supporting the US military.

Performed for SDA leadership, the demonstration validated compatibility between commercially developed laser communication and secure US government encryption hardware, providing a baseline for Northrop Grumman’s future proliferated space crosslink communications offerings including SDA’s Transport and Tracking me.

Commenting on the development, Blake Bullock, Vice President, Communication Systems, Strategic Space Systems, Northrop Grumman, said: “We invested in this demonstration because we wanted to reduce key risks early in development. Our team focused on speed and optimizing the best of emerging commercial suppliers like Mynaric and Innoflight – while bringing the mission expertise unique to Northrop Grumman to test and field this prototype constellation.”

Northrop Grumman selected Mynaric as a strategic supplier for laser communications in space, and Innoflight for encryption, decryption and other key aspects of Northrop Grumman’s architecture.

As the US Department of Defense works to connect the joint force, Northrop Grumman’s space networking capabilities seek to play a vital role in providing secure global connectivity. Another step toward enabling this vision to connect the joint force is the recent announcement of a collaboration with AT&T to research and develop a 5G-enabled digital battle network.