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O3b, Norfolk Telecom partner for trunking services

O3b to be used as backhaul provider from island to internetrn

O3b Networks has announced a multi-year agreement to provide trunking services to Norfolk Telecom. Under the agreement, Norfolk Telecom will use O3b as their backhaul provider from Norfolk Island to the internet.

Norfolk Telecom is the incumbent provider on Norfolk Island for mobile and fixed line telephone and internet services. Currently all of the Island’s telephone and data traffic are routed to New Zealand by Geo-stationary satellite. The switch to O3b will allow Norfolk Telecom to significantly increase its bandwidth, improving data rates and response times.

“The new O3b capacity will allow real-time applications to be used for the first time such as internet gaming, healthcare, video-on-demand, e-commerce and e-learning. O3b will revolutionise the internet for the people of Norfolk Island and will especially allow the Island’s young people high-speed access to e-learning for education,” says Kim Davies, General Manager of Norfolk Telecom.

Steve Collar, CEO of O3b, adds: “Accessing O3b’s affordable and ubiquitous bandwidth with the performance and speed of fiber, Norfolk island will enjoy much improved connectivity. Compared to the conventional geostationary orbit satellites currently available, O3b’s network utilises medium Earth orbit satellites at much lower altitudes. This means that O3b can offer fibre-like speeds with lower latency at more affordable wholesale pricing.”