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Ooredoo Kuwait launches FIBER+ (FTTR) solution

FIBER+ (FTTR) solution is currently available in the market, starting from $73.26 per month.
Ooredoo Kuwait CEO, Abdulaziz Yaqoub Al-Babtain

Ooredoo Kuwait has launched FIBER+, a new generation solution (FTTR: Fiber To The Room) to enhance and improve internet coverage through optical fibres in homes and large areas, in cooperation with Huawei.

The new FIBER+ (FTTR) solution allows customers to use high-speed Internet throughout their homes and large spaces with multiple rooms and floors while ensuring that the network speed remains uninterrupted to give customers a more efficient and effective experience.

Ooredoo is providing this smart solution after successfully conducting all of the necessary network, operational and technical tests carried out by the technical team for a period of three months, by installing FIBER+ (FTTR) in a number of locations and villas to ensure that this new technology is provided with the highest levels of standards, efficiency and quality.

Commenting on the launch, Abdulaziz Yaqoub Al-Babtain, CEO of Ooredoo Kuwait, said: “As usual, we at Ooredoo continue to provide smart solutions to enrich our customers’ digital experience, and provide the latest technologies and innovative solutions that are introduced in the market by strengthening our ongoing partnership with leading companies in providing smart solutions like Huawei.”

Al-Babtain added: “The continuity of our partnership with Huawei to provide smart solutions such as FIBER+ (FTTR) is part of our strategic plan to advance within the digital transformation in the network field and enhance the efficiency of our network in order to provide unlimited opportunities for our customers. Users will enjoy a one-of-a-kind experience with a reliable high speed. This will also help Ooredoo Kuwait to enable companies to develop and digitize smart cities in the future. Our keenness to implement distinctive ideas translated into launching this new solution after a year and a half of research in the Kuwaiti market to enrich our customers’ digital experience.”

Huawei representative Seif Wang, President of Ooredoo Group Key Account at Huawei, stated: “We are proud of our ongoing partnership with Ooredoo, who we consider to be the most important strategic partner. We greatly appreciate Ooredoo’s deep trust over the past two decades. Since the pandemic outbreak, Ooredoo and Huawei shared hardships together. With joint efforts from both parties, Ooredoo won first place in the Ookla speedtest 2021.”

Wang noted: “We are pleased to collaborate with Ooredoo to launch FTTR in Kuwait. This launch is a new milestone for Ooredoo to achieve the best user experience. FTTR will bring an amazing experience to home and villa customers with the fastest speed and highest reliability. I firmly believe that it will not only help Ooredoo lead the market, but also support Ooredoo to build a digital home ecosystem wishing Ooredoo an even greater success in the digital era.”

FIBER+ (FTTR) solution is currently available in the market and customers can order it through the company’s website and in all Ooredoo branches, starting from KD 22.5 ($73.26) per month.

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