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Ooredoo Kuwait pioneers NB-IoT integration

With robust reliability, deep indoor coverage, and unparalleled energy efficiency, Ooredoo's NB-IoT adoption will give customers dependable connectivity across various devices.

Ooredoo Kuwait, the country’s leading digital enabler for businesses, has announced the successful integration of Narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IoT) technology into its network. With this implementation, Ooredoo customers will have the capability to harness the potential of NB-IoT across a broad spectrum of applications and devices.

Ooredoo’s customers will be able to experience more robust and dependable connectivity for their IoT devices such as smart homes, wearable devices, or asset tracking. The technology is designed to provide extensive reach and deep indoor coverage. It ensures that IoT devices can maintain connectivity even in challenging indoor environments, such as underground areas, dense urban buildings, or remote industrial facilities. This capability is crucial for a wide range of commercial applications, including industrial automation, as it guarantees uninterrupted service and reliable data transmission, regardless of where the devices are located.

Commenting on the integration, Issa Haidar, Director Network Planning and Design at Ooredoo Kuwait, said: “As the leading digital enabler for businesses in Kuwait, Ooredoo is proud to pioneer the NB-IoT technology into our network. This achievement sets a remarkable standard for connectivity and innovation, and we’re excited to offer our valued customers the exceptional benefits of NB-IoT. With robust reliability, deep indoor coverage, and unparalleled energy efficiency, NB-IoT is a game-changer for IoT applications. Our commitment to connectivity and sustainability drives our dedication to creating a smarter, more connected, and sustainable future for Kuwait.”