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Loft Orbital purchases satellite antennas from Anywaves

Loft Orbital will fly S-band antennas from Anywaves on its YAM-3 satellite, launching in June.

The Franco-American company Loft Orbital enlists Anywaves’ services to carry the French manufacturer S-band antenna onboard YAM-3 microsatellite. Scheduled to fly on a SpaceX Falcon 9 in June 2021, this first collaboration between the two space actors establishes the foundations of a strong and long-term partnership.

In early March, Nicolas Capet, Anywaves’ CEO, and Antoine de Chassy, Loft Orbital’s Co-founder and President, signed a partnership agreement.

Speaking about the partnership, Nicolas Capet, CEO of Anywaves, said: “It is a huge step having this level of confidence from one of our major customers. This is also an opportunity for significant commercial and business development between our two companies.”

Antoine de Chassy, Loft Orbital’s Co-founder and President, added: “The meaning of this partnership with Anywaves stems from an intimate knowledge of the technology. Each of us focuses on their area of expertise and that is how we can bring the cost and delays down which is exactly what the customers want right now.”

De Chassy opened a French office for San Francisco-based Loft Orbital in Toulouse a year ago to focus on clients in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

YAM-3, short for ‘Yet Another Mission’, will fly various payloads for multiple customers’ missions such as precision positioning, earth observation and IoT which is the mission addressed by Anywaves’ antennas after the upcoming June launch.

According to Anywaves, the partnership is not only a commercial success for its S-band antenna, but it is also recognition of its expertise as an equipment manufacturer. This also further emphasises Loft Orbital’s footprint in France since its French entity’s inception in 2019.

For both companies, it reflects the common goal of demonstrating France’s growing capabilities and expertise in the space industry.