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Egypt to launch first-ever communications satellite on November 22

The satellite will provide communication and broadband Internet services to drive development in marginalized areas. It will also support Egypt’s efforts to combat crimes and terrorism.

Egypt is set to launch its first-ever communications satellite under the name TIBA-1, on November 22 to provide communication services to the government and commercial sectors.

TIBA-1 was developed by Airbus and Thales Alenia Space (TAS) French companies and will be launched by Arianespace from Guiana Space Centre in Kourou, French Guiana, on Ariane 5 rocket.

This communications spacecraft will weigh approximately 5,640 kg at liftoff and was designed for a service life exceeding 15 years.

TIBA-1 will provide a communications infrastructure and broadband Internet services to remote and marginalised areas, to support development projects. The new satellite will also provide internet and telecommunications services to some Nile Basin countries.

TIBA-1 will contribute to the development of sectors, including petrol, energy, mineral wealth, education, health and other government sectors. It will also support the State’s efforts to combat crimes and terrorism.

TIBA-1 is the first of TIBA Sat series that Egypt plans to launch in the near future and is expected to disrupt the communications industry in Egypt and Africa.

The involved companies have completed testing the satellite systems. In addition, the fuel tanks that will allow the satellite to stay in orbit for 15 years have been filled.

The Egyptian government will handle control and management of TIBA-1 after being launched.