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OQ Technology secures 5G test spectrum license

It has also established the first European 5G Satellite Test Centre (STC) for LEO (low Earth orbit) satellites.

OQ Technology has been granted an experimental license for accessing critical satellite 5G frequencies in Luxembourg. The 5G licence grant is a result of OQ Technology’s application last year to use part of the terrestrial and satellite spectrum for complementary satellite and mobile 5G services. The application was approved by the Ministry of Media and Communication and a license was issued by the regulatory body.

The license specifies access to three distinct frequency bands: two mobile satellite frequency bands, one with global coverage and complementary with terrestrial mobile services while the other is used for a specific ITU region; a band under review by the ITU with its agenda items for the upcoming World Radio Conference to be used for satellite IoT services; and a band used for terrestrial mobile services.

OQ Technology has also established the first European 5G Satellite Tests Centre (STC) for Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites in Leudelange.

The new 5G STC aims to allow OQ Technology to test all required in-orbit validation, terminals, and payloads as well as 5G IoT devices and satellite performance for targeted 5G frequencies compatible with terrestrial mobile and satellite mobile bands. And as it’s the only 5G test centre for satellites in LEO, it’s suitable for companies who need to test their IoT prototypes before they are put into mass production.

Omar Qaise, CEO of OQ Technology, said: “We are very pleased with this decision and are deeply thankful to the dedicated team of the Spectrum Management department at the Luxembourg regulatory authority (ILR)  and to the Minister of Communication and Media. This will give us the upper hand in our product development and market access efforts, we are also looking to use our suppliers and subcontractors products integrated in OQ solution to validate the product.”