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Paradigm to showcase latest satellite terminals at Satellite 2020

At Satellite 2020, videos of all Paradigm’s PIM-enabled terminals will be available to view with hand-on experience with terminals including the MANTA, the HORNET and the SWARM.

Paradigm has announced that the company will be showcasing their latest PIM-enabled, simple-to-use satellite terminals covering off all band options and all throughput requirements at Satellite 2020.

The terminals being showcased include the MANTA, the HORNET and the SWARM. All of the terminals integrate the rugged and field-proven PIM (Paradigm Interface Module) which allows any non-skilled user to point antennas in a few minutes. As a fully self-contained unit, the PIM then enables users to plug-in and connect peripheral devices as required.

The latest optimised HORNET Satcom terminal is a modular solution, allowing users to easily interchange between different sized antennas, RF modules and frequency bands. This increases the flexibility and efficiency of the terminal by providing users with the optimum solution. Crucially, it is lightweight and can still be packed into a single IATA compliant case or a backpack.

The MANTA operates straight ‘out-of-the-box’ for simple Deploy & Go satcoms or can be fitted to any vehicle (land or sea) for comms-on-the-move. It offers a solution for ‘anywhere’ IP data connectivity via Wi-Fi and Ethernet. There is no need for any setup or pointing. Instead, it uses a software beam forming for satellite acquisition and tracking.

The MANTA+ offers further enhanced capabilities over the standard MANTA by utilising its fully integrated 3G/4G/LTE cellular and radio connectivity to produce an outstandingly flexible terminal that is always connected, seamlessly switching between terrestrial and satellite networks to best suit your needs.

The backpackable SWARM is small and light enough to be carried as hand luggage on commercial airlines yet still delivers impressively high data rates. It can be assembled in 90 seconds and have you on air in less than four minutes.

The PIM  operates in many different market sectors across five continents. It can work with any air interface to provide a common pointing experience across a whole range of manufacturers’ terminals. The PIM integrates into all the major satellite networks as well as a wide range of modems, supporting the major types from iDirect, Newtec, UHP, Comtech and Teledyne Paradise amongst others.