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Rocket Lab introduces Responsive Space programme

Responsive Space Programme will open a direct line of communication with satellite operators to understand their mission requirements and then develop customised responsive mission plans.
Photo credit: Rocket Lab

Launch and space systems company Rocket Lab has introduced a Responsive Space Programme designed to on-ramp commercial and government satellite operators to the company’s 24/7 rapid call-up launch capability and streamlined satellite build and operation options.

Speaking about the programme, Peter Beck, Rocket Lab founder and CEO, said: “Satellites are vulnerable to natural degradation, accidents, technical failure, and deliberate actions. Unexpectedly losing the vital services and capabilities these satellites deliver has far-reaching consequences back home on Earth. In today’s dynamic environment, the ability to establish new technologies on orbit is also crucial to provide time-critical insights to Earth observation and space domain awareness missions.

“We recognise our customers need a reliable responsive launch service and dependable satellite solutions that can promptly and accurately restore or establish assets on orbit, so we’ve made that possible with Electron and Rocket Lab designed and built satellites, including Photon. Responsive launch capability was baked into the design of Electron and our launch sites since day one, and we’ve made strategic investments into vertical spacecraft manufacturing to enable this. Now we’re bringing the capability under a dedicated Responsive Space Programme to make it easier for our customers to access bespoke responsive space services.”

Through the Responsive Space Programme, Rocket Lab works directly with satellite operators to understand their mission requirements, which may be dedicated rapid call-up launch, satellite design, build and integration, spacecraft operations, or all of the above. Once details including reference orbits, payload and integration specifications are confirmed, Rocket Lab develops a tailored responsive mission plan for each customer. From that point on, Rocket Lab remains in a state of readiness with rockets and satellites on standby, awaiting a notice from the customer to integrate and launch. From arrival at the launch site, payload integration, encapsulation and launch can be completed in as little as 24 hours.

Rocket Lab’s ability to deliver responsive space is underpinned by four key aspects Responsive Rockets, Responsive Launch Sites, Responsive Satellites, and Responsive Personnel.