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Samacom – first teleport in the ME to be awarded WTA certification

Located in Dubai, du Samacom Teleport is in an ideal location for satellite visibility covering five continents, and enabling near global coverage

du Samacom Teleport_1Du’s Samacom Teleport is the first teleport in the Middle East to achieve provisional certification under the World Teleport Association’s (WTA) recently launched Teleport Certification Program.

Located in Dubai, du Samacom Teleport is in an ideal location for satellite visibility covering five continents, and enabling near global coverage. This world-class facility serves both regional and international customers.

The teleport currently serves more than 300 TV channels and 25 DTH platforms on main satellite systems such as Nilesat, Arabsat, Hotbird, Intelsat and YahSat, as well as a dedicated HD platform. It offers a fully redundant playout system with multi-language subtitling, dynamic graphics, SMS and video quality checks.

At the heart of video services, du Samacom Teleport connects du’s various points of presence (POP) in Dubai with the rest of the world. The solution combines du’s broadcast local video fiber network with 3rd party media networks that reach the most relevant content hubs in a reliable and efficient manner.

The du Samacom teleport was also ranked in top ten Independent Teleport operators globally by World Teleport Association.

“To meet the communication requirements and business plans of our end customers, our network extends to a wide range of international locations. The WTA certification cements our position as a leading teleport service provider in the Middle East, and a global contender. We are thrilled to continue offering our customers unsurpassed services that can meet the growing traffic volume requirements of both the world’s traditional business centres and emerging economies,” said Abou Moustafa, Vice President Enterprise Managed Services and datamena, du.

The certification will create an objective, transparent and internationally accepted method for teleport operators to document the quality of their operations for customers and strategic partners. In addition, customers will be able to select teleport vendors delivering the price-performance level that is appropriate for their applications.

Samacom Teleport was one of the few teleport that qualified under Tier 3 by the WTA certification and expects to receive full certification in the very near future.

Ahmed Al Muhaideb, Vice President, Broadcasting and IPTV Service Operations, du, said: “This certification is testament to our capabilities to provide a world class teleport facility for our customers in the Middle East and beyond. We will continue to develop and improve our network coverage by bringing in new and innovative technologies, which will enable us to provide the best possible satellite facilities to meet the needs of all our clients.”

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