Saudi Arabia launches first AI-powered satellite imagery analysis company

SpaceGuardian specialises in utilising machine learning AI to analyse satellite imagery, enabling various economic activities, energy and commodities analysis, environmental assessments, construction progress tracking, and beyond.

SpaceKnow, a New York-based technology company dedicated to transforming space data into actionable intelligence has announced the launch of SpaceGuardian in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. SpaceGuardian is the first approved company dedicated to satellite imagery and AI analysis to launch in Saudi Arabia.

Majid Alghaslan, Chairman & CEO of Front End Limited Company and Founder & Partner of SpaceGuardian, and Jerry Javornicky, CEO and Co-Founder of SpaceKnow entered into a joint venture (JV) agreement to launch SpaceGuardian in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at the International Petroleum Technology Conference (IPTC) 2024 that took place in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia from February 12-14, 2024.

The agreement marks a significant leap forward in leveraging satellite imagery and AI analysis to empower various sectors across the Kingdom. SpaceGuardian specialises in applying machine learning AI on satellite imagery to facilitate economic activities, energy and commodities analysis, environmental assessments, construction progress tracking, and more.

Speaking on the occasion, Majid Alghaslan said: “The historic launch of SpaceGuardian marks a pivotal moment for the entire technological and industrial landscape of Saudi Arabia. As the inaugural company dedicated to satellite imagery and AI analysis, this partnership embraces innovation and progress that will propel Saudi Arabia into a new era of digital transformation.”

Jerry Javornicky, CEO and Co-Founder of SpaceKnow, added: “Majid Alghaslan has a long history of bringing the most innovative companies into the Kingdom, so for us, collaborating with Majid was the ideal way to enter Saudi Arabia. We aim to revolutionise the AI-powered geospatial analytics market and to bring our technology to multiple sectors, starting with infrastructure monitoring, carbon sequestration, and security applications.”

SpaceGuardian’s innovative approach to satellite imagery analysis and AI integration offers a myriad of applications across diverse sectors. By harnessing machine learning algorithms, the company provides comprehensive insights into various facets of economic activities, energy commodities, defence, intelligence, environmental sustainability, construction, and real estate. This tailored approach facilitates informed decision-making processes for stakeholders in each sector.

“This strategic collaboration will not only accelerate the Kingdom’s economic growth and diversification efforts including driving innovation and fostering local talent, but also contribute to the development of the burgeoning space sector and support the establishment of a robust space agency in Saudi Arabia. With a comprehensive suite of services catering to all industries and sectors, SpaceGuardian is poised to drive unprecedented innovation and efficiency across the Kingdom”, Alghaslan stated.

SpaceGuardian’s cutting-edge technology allows for real-time monitoring of construction projects, delivering timely updates on progress and safety parameters through continuous satellite imagery analysis coupled with machine learning capabilities. This proactive approach enhances project management efficiency and safety standards, ensuring optimal outcomes.

In addition to construction project oversight, SpaceGuardian’s solutions extend to urban planning and economic activity assessments for cities. Through the analysis of satellite imagery, the company enables authorities to make informed decisions regarding infrastructure development and resource allocation, fostering sustainable growth and development. SpaceGuardian can address the pressing need for effective traffic management through the integration of satellite imagery and AI, providing vital insights into traffic patterns and congestion hotspots, enabling authorities to implement targeted interventions and optimize transportation systems for enhanced efficiency and safety.