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Saudi-based Skyband chooses LeoSat for data network

Skyband, which relies on the latest satellite and VSAT communication technologies for data, voice and video transmission, will use LeoSat’s new system architecture to enhance its connectivity.

LeoSat Enterprises has entered into an agreement with Saudi-based Skyband, a member of the Inteltec Group and major communications provider of satellite and networking solutions in the Kingdom.

Skyband is an arm of Luna Space Telecommunications Co., which is one of the first VSAT service providers in Saudi Arabia. Skyband will use LeoSat to upgrade its existing satellite solutions, giving customers access to low-latency network which is expected to revolutionise data connectivity. LeoSat’s system of low earth orbit communications satellites can achieve lower latency and stronger end-to-end security compared to traditional satellite and terrestrial solutions used today. This is achieved through an advanced system architecture utilising optical inter-satellite laser links, which connect the satellites, creating fiber-like symmetry at Gigabits speeds while providing total security as the data is encrypted and secured from end-to-end across the network, with no terrestrial touch points.

Speaking about Skyband, Osman Oueida, CEO of Skyband commented: “At Skyband, we rely on the latest satellite and VSAT communication technologies for data, voice and video transmission. Our network provides high-speed, reliable, robust, cost-effective, scalable, and secured communication across the Kingdom which can be used by all Industry segments. We look forward to adding LeoSat’s new system architecture to our portfolio”.

Big Data is driving the need for new communications infrastructure and data volumes are exploding, with global networks are already carrying more than 1 Zeta Byte of traffic and this is forecast to grow exponentially. This increasing demand to move large quantities of data quickly and securely around the world is fast outpacing the infrastructure needed to carry it. LeoSat’s new network has been designed to solve these essential communications and connectivity issues and provide new opportunities for business sectors such as multi-national enterprise, telecommunications, oil & gas, maritime and government services.

For Enterprise customers, the key attributes of the LeoSat system can be used for a number of applications, for example, to give banks secured networks with their foreign offices, provide enormous uploading bandwidth for oil & gas exploration, enable seamless connectivity for shipping & fleet management or provide the only native 4G and 5G satellite backhaul connectivity for cellular operators.  LeoSat can not only offer competitive advantage in existing satellite services markets in the MENA region and beyond, it will help expand these markets by enabling new opportunities through previously unavailable levels of performance combined with worldwide reach.

LeoSat’s Chief Commercial Officer, Ronald van der Breggen, said: “Global Enterprises today require instant infrastructure from anywhere to everywhere which is fast, secure and reliable. So LeoSat is taking data networking into space, setting a new bar for high speed data connectivity.  With capabilities beyond satellite and fiber, including transmission speeds of 10+ gigabits per second and latency of 20 milliseconds, LeoSat’s infrastructure is what data communications has been waiting for – a game-changing service which realizes the synergies of both worlds to re-define connectivity in terms of capacity, latency, security, efficiency and coverage.   For companies such as Skyband looking to provide innovative connectivity solutions, LeoSat can help to open-up new markets and deliver business growth.”

LeoSat and Skyband will be at the GVF Satellite Hub Summit @CABSAT 2019 at the 14:30pm session: Global Satellite Business is Big Business: New Space is Making it Bigger: HTS Evolving: The LEO & MEO Factor”.