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Saudi Space Agency and LeoLabs enhance to cooperation in space monitoring

The MOU aims to bolster the Saudi space industry, enhance research in space situational awareness, and promote responsible supervision of low Earth orbit.

Amid the ongoing Space Debris Conference hosted in Riyadh, the Saudi Space Agency has inked a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Leo Labs, aimed at fostering a cooperative relationship in space monitoring. The agreement seeks to facilitate the exchange of expertise and knowledge concerning space situational awareness and explore potential collaboration avenues. Representing the signing were Dr Mohammed bin Saud Al-Tamimi, CEO of Saudi Space Agency, and Daniel Ceperley, CEO of Leo Labs.

The MOU outlines plans for the two entities to collaborate in supporting the growth of the Saudi space industry, enhancing research and development capabilities in space situational awareness data, and fostering innovative applications to ensure responsible supervision of low Earth orbit. Additionally, the parties will explore various long-term benefits, including potential investments by Leo Labs in the Kingdom. They also intend to deepen cooperation in strategic areas and projects, potentially establishing facilities and subsidiaries in Saudi Arabia through discussions with relevant entities.

As per the memorandum, the agency will assess opportunities for the company’s involvement and its potential value addition to the civil space business sector.

Dr Mohammed bin Saud Al-Tamimi highlighted that the signing underscores the Kingdom’s commitment to developing and strengthening its space industry, reinforcing its role in space monitoring, and actively addressing the evolving challenges in this domain. He emphasized the memorandum’s reflection of a robust dedication to international cooperation and the establishment of strategic partnerships to drive progress and innovation in the space sector. Dr Al-Tamimi also stressed the importance of the conference in fostering close collaboration with leading entities in the space sector, enhancing monitoring and analysis capabilities, and actively contributing to addressing challenges associated with peaceful space exploration, including debris.