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SCT signs contract with Oman Broadband for rural satellite connectivity

SCT will provide the full satellite communication infrastructure while Oman Broadband will coordinate with the local fixed-line internet service providers to accommodate the need of users.

Government-owned Space Communication Technologies (SCT) has signed a multi-year contract with Oman Broadband to provide communications and internet services to around 598 remote villages and residential areas in Oman.

The move is part of the national initiative by Telecommunication Regularity Authority (TRA). The signing of the contract took place at the headquarters of Oman Broadband.

Eng Salim al Alawi, Managing Director of SCT, signed the contract along with Eng Bader a Zeidi, acting CEO of Oman Broadband.

SCT will be providing and running the full satellite communication infrastructure to cover the whole Sultanate, including multiple government institutions that exceed 100 schools and health centres.

Meanwhile, Oman Broadband will coordinate with the local fixed-line internet service providers to accommodate the need of users in the designated areas as per the initiative.

The infrastructure satellite communication services provided by SCT with the latest technologies using High Throughput Satellites (HTS) on Ka-band. This will allow users to benefit from multiple online services and communications such as E-government services, online streaming services, online education tools, and so on.

Commenting on the partnership, Eng Salim al Alawi, Managing Director of SCT said: “In order to keep pace with the fourth industrial revolution and its technological and educational requirements, the Sultanate is intending to provide telecommunications services to all including the rural areas, which pose a great challenge to telecommunication companies. Choosing SCT to provide the infrastructure for this service throughout the Sultanate is a great honour for the company and it will help tremendously in the advancement of telecommunication services in these areas to the level that everyone aspires to, especially in the fields of education, health and government services.”

Eng Bader al Zeidi of Oman Broadband added: “The signing of this agreement is a great accomplishment that adds up to all the initial successful steps in the National Broadband Initiative of bridging the digital gap within the rural areas of the Sultanate. This sustainable partnership with SCT will contribute towards achieving that objective by utilising the latest satellite technologies using Ka-band spectrums. The technology was selected post conducting intensive research and studies with respect to align with the challenging terrains and population density of the benefited villages and individuals.

“This partnership will enable Oman Broadband to provide the necessary broadband infrastructure for the beneficiaries of these areas in addition to coordinating with the local Internet Service Providers to build an operating model that is similar to the FTTH model based on open access network which gives the end-user the opportunity to choose a service provider according to their preference.”