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SES announces new corporate strategy and expands capacity

The initiative is the next phase in a process that began in 2017 when SES first established distinct units for its video and data businesses.

Satellite operator SES is launching a programme to position itself for future growth and deliver maximum value to current and future customers and stakeholders. The programme, called Simplify and Amplify and executed throughout 2020, comprises a series of strategic actions to enable SES to best deliver its services globally.

This programme is designed to position SES as the leader in global content connectivity solutions—operating as an efficient, high-performance partner that is simpler to do business with, and strengthening its position as the partner of choice for the world’s leading broadcasters, governments, telcos, cloud solutions providers, and comms-on-the-move customers.

As part of the programme, SES will investigate the creation of two ‘pure-play’ market verticals through the potential separation of its Networks business in order to drive strategic and operational focus, provide increased external visibility and to appropriately configure SES’s overall business for the future.

As a result of the recent adoption by the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) of its order regarding the repurposing of part of the C-Band spectrum, SES is putting in to place a dedicated team to execute on the most complex and demanding spectrum repurposing ever contemplated to ensure a seamless process that meets the critical needs of its current customers as well as the FCC’s desire to enable 5G leadership for the United States on an accelerated timeline.

SES will also focus on its capabilities and offerings across each of its markets on profitable segments that play to the group’s core strengths, doubling down where it makes sense to do so, while exiting, reducing exposure to, or establishing alliances and partnerships to serve, other market segments.

The operator expects to realign its resources to simplify operations, maximise efficiency, and to make SES easier to do business with. Activities will include the consolidation and reorganisation of some functions to reflect any changes in business scope and structure. In addition, the company plans a comprehensive review of its global footprint.

Innovation is also part of the new programme to drive the customer solutions demanded in the market today and in the future. SES has led the industry in the development of low-latency NGSO and now multi-orbit architectures along with the integration of network functions and automation. This further commitment to innovation will broaden SES’s leadership in cloud integration through the development of a “cloud practice” focused on creating and driving cloud-scale across all target market segments.

In addition, the company intends to establish an innovation hub to co-create and incubate solutions together with customers and partners and develop new technologies and business models through corporate venturing.

Commenting on the new strategy, Steve Collar, CEO of SES, said: “Our vision is content and connectivity everywhere, and we are positioning SES to realise this vision and deliver growth and value for our customers in their fast-changing markets. This next phase of our strategic transformation is designed to ensure that we prepare SES for an exciting future while delivering on our commitments to customers and to the market today. In so doing, we will make SES a simpler organisation to do business with and deliver substantial value to all of our stakeholders.”